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Buying your equipment through Tan and Health Supply will not only save you incredible amounts of money, compared to new systems, but we maintain the highest standards for quality in our refurbishing process. For us, and the many clients that have purchased through Tan and Health Supply, our reconditioned units are virtually “like-new!” And the benefits of buying our refurbished equipment versus used, “as-is” systems, could be financially incalculable. Please read our publication “As-is and no-warranty equipment purchases versus reconditioned” for more information.

We are so confident in the quality of our refurbished systems that we offer a warranty with every device. Check out our testimonials page as evidence of our claims.

And to better diversify your business, we offer an additional line of Med spa systems. It is our goal to help our clients balance the seasonality of tanning for a steadier stream of customers year-round, while increasing their overall profitability.

Tan and Health Supply is also a complete supplier of used tanning beds, used sunbeds, tanning lotions, bath and body products, tanning lamps, acrylics and parts. We feel that we offer the best terms in the industry and we pride ourselves in not being undersold!

So just fill out the Information Request Form or click on Contact Us now to send an email or give us a call. Our hours are Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 5pm, but our auto-attendant will take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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  • Used Tanning Beds

    For over 20 years, Tan & Health Supply’s prime focus, with respect to its tanning equipment, was centralized around systems that were factory new.  But in the last 7 years, spurred by dramatic changes in the economic climate, and extensive restrictions in financing, Rick Brockley, Tan & Health Supply’s founder and owner, quickly recognized that it was becoming essential for him to redirect his company’s “new equipment” policies toward a different horizon.  With little hesitation, Rick adopted the strategy of perfecting a program to implement used tanning beds, and divert away from factory new.

    Understanding his clients’ needs for a more cost effective way to grow their businesses and improve their performance, Rick’s approach was to continue to maintain the highest quality in the equipment that he was selling, while drastically reducing the prices to his buyers.  And the best way to accomplish this was to steer clear of new, unaffordable, high-end commercial systems that would depreciate by 50% or more, from the moment they were removed from the container, and to aim his company in a different direction.  So, within just over a year, Rick shifted his efforts to acquiring the tools and resources he would need, and retraining his staff to learn and perfect the skills necessary, to begin reconditioning a wide variety of used tanning beds.

    The choice for his consumers was clear…  avoid the pitfalls of excessive debt, maintain the highest standards for quality and performance, and utilize the flexibility of choice that  Tan & Health Supply’s Soma bay visa used tanning beds program could provide.  Once buyers realized that they were now able to purchase $10,000., $20,000., and $30,000. sunbeds for less than half the price,  which arrived to them with a “Like New” appearance, a parts and service warranty, and would have little depreciation or loss in value, the decision was easy.

    Used tanning beds at Tan & Health

    Today, 7 years later, Tan & Health Supply maintains the highest standards for their used tanning beds program.  The selection of equipment, (makes, models, and designs), are limitless, the quality is virtually equal to that of a factory new system, and most of the depreciation is already taken out of the price.  On top of which, finance companies are happier to invest less money to fund used tanning beds that are consistent with factory new, in almost every aspect, including appearance, performance and warranty.

    “Our buyers love the flexibility of choice,” remarked Rick. “With new equipment, a sunbed distributor was always restricted to carrying only one or two brands. With our used tanning beds program, we can acquisition anything.  We’re always searching for high-end, top-quality systems that will help our customers to incorporate the best into their business.  But, at the same time, we will always keep lower, price-point units in stock as well, for those individuals who are trying to accomplish their goals from a much smaller budget.  We are determined to serve all varieties of consumers, looking to fulfill their desire of owning a business that endorses commercial tanning.”

    For more information about Tan & Health Supply’s used tanning beds program, call 1-(800)-786-7763, or 1-(800)-SUN-PRODucts.  Ask for Rick, or extension 301.

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